About Us

Consortium Holder

SkopSter (NMK)

The company “SkopSter” represents a joint venture of the companies “Servizi Italia”, “Evita” and “Delta Pharma”. As a result of the expertise, knowledge and experience gathered through the years and on different markets, the managing team of “SkopSter” is consisted of a group of professionals with a various experience in the area of medicine, especially for activities connected with management and reconditioning of surgical instruments and medical devices.

Led by the premise of transferring and implementing the knowledge about integrating products and services, we aim towards improvement of the performances as a support for surgical activities through the use of an effective and certificated management of the risk of infection in the surgical theaters.

Our mission is the implementation of new procedures and technologies to increase the security and efficacy during the surgical procedures and all invasive medical activities – everything in consent with the European regulatory standards. Our scope of work is consisted from efficient providing of surgical instruments and sterile medical materials for one-use only, with high performances and innovative sophisticated practices for sterilization and disinfection of surgical departments in North Macedonia.

Partners in the Consortium

Servizi Italia (IT)

The “Servizi Italia” Group is a global partner for providing services in health and industrial sectors and the leading provider of integrated solutions in the health sector. Since they diversified and expanded their range of services, they became a leader and an expert provider in the health sector and industry. Thanks to the enormous experience built for over 30 years, the Group manages with a wide range of different requests in the area of the health sector, depending on the needs of the clients. Within the services that the company offers, there is: Washing and renting of bed sheets, packaging for gowns and uniforms for health personnel, mattresses and pillows; Sterilization of textile; Sterilization and renting of medicinal accessories; Care and maintenance of medicinal buildings; Procurement, renting, cleaning and “tracking” the work clothes and equipment for personal protection; Services for procurement, washing and renting of bed sheets for hotels and restaurants; Services in the area of clinical engineering – validation and systematic control of the sterilization processes, calibration of equipment and validation of the systems for disinfection of surgical equipment. The system for technical support of the surgical capacities is first implemented in 2005 (Italy), and until now it has been implemented in over 600 hospitals in many countries around the world.