About the PPP

The Public Private Partnership as a model in the process of sterilization and management of surgical waste represents introduction of integrated management with innovative solutions for surgery and health care against nosocomial infection.

The PPP in this segment will establish a centralized system for sterilization of surgical instruments in university clinics and hospitals where surgeries are performed, in order to improve the sterilization system and reduce the risk of infections that occur as a result of surgical procedures.

With the establishment of this Public Private Partnership, in a period of 15 operational years, the integrated management service will be financed, designed, implemented and administered through 4 Regional Centers for Integrated Sterilization Management, all for the needs of the University Clinical Center and other Hospitals in Republic of North Мacedonia that have operating blocks (operating rooms).

The Public Private Partnership for Integrated Management of Innovative Solutions for Surgical procedures and nosocomial infections introduces, in real time, an “integrated scenario” of new protocols, new medical technology and devices, as well as dedicated human resources to implement certified standards of excellence, in the control of infectious risk in operating rooms.

The concept of integrated solutions, implies that the Private Partner is responsible to design and manage a plurality of innovative services focused on maximum effectiveness to reduce nosocomial infections risk in the operating room. Basically, the concept of integrated solutions is concerning integration of four different sections of risk management activities:

The services part of this PPP concern all public Hospitals of the National Health Service that will be supported with the same services and equipment made available by the Private Partner.

PPP’s Segments

The Public Private Partnership for Integrated Management of Innovative Solutions for Surgical procedures and nosocomial infections is consisted from few segments:


The main benefit of the application of the innovative operating model consists in the immediate transfer of knowledge and experience by the Private Partner in the local context where the integrated service is implemented. The main advantages and benefits in the operating room, deriving from the innovation in integrated services to support surgical activities, are evident in the increase in “productivity” with a reduction in waiting list times and in the better management of infectious risk with a strong decrease in SSI (Surgical Site Infection). Also, the Public-Private Partnership will have incremental contribution of quality of the health outcome, limited to invasive diagnostic and therapeutic activities due to the introduction of new protocols and innovative devices to support these procedures. Moreover, due to some important processes in our integrated services being governed by rigorous procedures that comply with regulatory standards and that do not tolerate for personal interpretation, the PPP will contribute to the standardization of the public health sector in the country. The Public-Private Partnership offers greater efficiency and comfort for the surgical staff by eliminating non-core activities and for the patient an important increase in safety from infectious risk and better focus of personal attention by healthcare personnel, free from non-health commitments.